The Reality Legion

The Reality Legion

Saturday, February 4, 2012

What is it I believe?

What do you believe? What do you know to be true? What is the difference?

Belief requires a certain amount of faith so my love of truth is of much greater importance to me. I know much about both government and religion (which both require faith to a degree) but I subscribe that mankind needs neither or more directly, each holds back humanity from true peace and prosperity in a most perverse and violent way. I cannot in good conscience think otherwise and yet I am surrounded by people every single day that cannot grasp true reality mostly due to fear. Fear of being outcast (very valid, btw), fear of the unknown and fear of people or concepts that are different and may shake the fragile foundation of reality keep people from opening their eyes wide enough to see truth as it is.

Both god(s) and country literally exist in the mind but we have given to each of them very real power over our own daily lives and the lives of others around us. Fear drives both religion and government yet some very smart people still accept both unequivocally. Religion and government politics are divisive and violent - the very things most good people put effort into avoiding. Let's start with religion...

All religions are false...period. No god or gods of any kind truly exist yet these falsehoods that seek to merely control populations are given undue respect even in the face of proven science. This is most harmful because it negates logic and reason which should be and need be relied upon in any matter of personal or social discourse. Faith will not serve you well in any other area of real life. This fact alone should give one serious pause.

Government (The State in Anti-Statist language) is corrupt, all powerful and violent. This entity controls nearly every aspect of our lives yet it is only challenged on the surface or from within, never is the question of whether we should end governments entirely brought up or considered even among those who consider themselves intellectuals.

We were born into these systems, we had no choice to opt out when we were born nor do we now. My only hope is that one day in the future we will have evolved to a point where superstition and govenment control are a thing of the past. A time when people work together in mutual cooperation in a non-aggressive manner, the only truly moral stance. In the meantime, I can't help but think we will be seen as fools centuries from now much like those who believed the world was flat or those who burned 'witches' at the stake. I find this thought very distressing but that's where I'm at right now. Peace...

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