The Reality Legion

The Reality Legion

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Universal Truth : Morality

What does morality mean to you? Is it following the rules? Doing what is expected of you from your peers, your parents, teachers, or clergy?

Can we all agree on the most basic and simple golden rule? No person should take as his own anything that belongs to another person? How about that murder and rape and slavery are all morally wrong as well? Why? Truly ask these questions of yourself.

If these simple universal truths are right and virtuous, under what circumstances do these acts become acceptable? What must we give up morally to justify the use of force, the ownership of people and theft, rape and murder? Let's think about that...Aside from self defense, there can be no other 'good' use of violence against another.

So,why do we allow a govenment to act on our behalf to force people to do what the law dictates by use of force and theft and debt slavery? Why do they get a pass if you will? Do ordinary people really think someone should be imprisioned, their freedom taken from them for selling marijuana that grows out of the ground or for protesting something they feel deeply is immoral because they are standing too close to a political event?  Should these same people be called terrorists and locked away without due proccess for years? I'm not talking about terrorists either, I mean American citizens - you and me...those who may disagree with the status quo. The empty promises and rhetoric that serves only to divide us and convince us that we need the governenment to 'protect' us from ourselves...and it will be our undoing. ~Stefan Molyneux

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

One of the first poems I wrote - about age 11

I remember being about the age of eleven and someone telling me that if we were to be hit by a nuclear bomb in the U.S., we would only have approximately seven minutes warning. Being an emotionally and physically abused child I had an enormous amount of empathy and sadness that led to fantastic and loaded emotional states. I wrote this poem in honor of those feelings…

In A Few Moments of Time

In a few moments of time

Lives can change through mere thoughts

An underlying horror of our reality

In a few moments of time

Our organized, civilized world

Could simply melt away or crumble

That world where money and power makes each different

Changes us to equals in death

In a few moments of time

All we may know is existence, surviving,

Being conscious and alive

In a few moments of time

We have destroyed our only world,

Our only people

Our only hope

Only six minutes left…

Who should I want to die with?

Too funny not to share

Click here: Tim Minchin Song

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Biggest Lie...Why is Religion Harmful?

To Lie or Not to Lie?
Around Christmastime, I read an article about Justin Beiber and how his mom didn't lie to him about silly things like Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy so that he would absolutely believe her about Jesus. This disturbed me on so many levels. I'll start with the obvious - let's get this straight...she didn't lie to him about the inconsequential tall tales that he would find out were bunk anyway in a few years so that she could convince him that another, more destructive lie should be believed. Whether she believes it to be true herself matters not. It is a parents responsibility to be as open and honest with a child as they can, based on their current age and level of understanding. If my son asks me where rain comes from, I don't just make something up - I take the time to look it up, show him cloud formations, weather information based on scientific fact, to be sure to give him the right answer. Believing something to be true, whether it's the moon is made of cheese or that UFOs are real is clearly as irresponsible of an answer as telling a child there is a god out there that watches him and knows all when there is absolutely no evidence for that assertion. Why is it so hard to find out the real truth before you tell your child something about the reality that he or she must live in long after you are gone? Why is the thought that there is no god so frightening? It changes nothing in regard to how beautiful and awesome the universe is, how wonderful and full life can really be. In my opinion it makes it far more fantastic and pure without any superstitions or pre-suppositions, just in its randomness and vastness. I struggle with the fact that we as a species who have come so far in the field of science hang on to books from thousands of years ago, that have been translated time and again that show no real knowledge of the universe as we understand it today. Does this god know all? Then why do these books reveal only what ordinary men of the time knew? We need to wake up as a people, get these crazy, selfish, emotional ideas out of our heads – they hold us back; create divisions, wars, unnecessary suffering archaic dogmas. I cannot hide my contempt for religion but I feel some amount of pity for those that still follow it blindly because they do themselves the greatest disservice in relying on someone who is clearly just not there and never was instead of the wonderful, capable brain they have and the joy of discovering reason and logic in their own minds.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Is Faith a Pathway to Truth?

What is it I believe?

What do you believe? What do you know to be true? What is the difference?

Belief requires a certain amount of faith so my love of truth is of much greater importance to me. I know much about both government and religion (which both require faith to a degree) but I subscribe that mankind needs neither or more directly, each holds back humanity from true peace and prosperity in a most perverse and violent way. I cannot in good conscience think otherwise and yet I am surrounded by people every single day that cannot grasp true reality mostly due to fear. Fear of being outcast (very valid, btw), fear of the unknown and fear of people or concepts that are different and may shake the fragile foundation of reality keep people from opening their eyes wide enough to see truth as it is.

Both god(s) and country literally exist in the mind but we have given to each of them very real power over our own daily lives and the lives of others around us. Fear drives both religion and government yet some very smart people still accept both unequivocally. Religion and government politics are divisive and violent - the very things most good people put effort into avoiding. Let's start with religion...

All religions are false...period. No god or gods of any kind truly exist yet these falsehoods that seek to merely control populations are given undue respect even in the face of proven science. This is most harmful because it negates logic and reason which should be and need be relied upon in any matter of personal or social discourse. Faith will not serve you well in any other area of real life. This fact alone should give one serious pause.

Government (The State in Anti-Statist language) is corrupt, all powerful and violent. This entity controls nearly every aspect of our lives yet it is only challenged on the surface or from within, never is the question of whether we should end governments entirely brought up or considered even among those who consider themselves intellectuals.

We were born into these systems, we had no choice to opt out when we were born nor do we now. My only hope is that one day in the future we will have evolved to a point where superstition and govenment control are a thing of the past. A time when people work together in mutual cooperation in a non-aggressive manner, the only truly moral stance. In the meantime, I can't help but think we will be seen as fools centuries from now much like those who believed the world was flat or those who burned 'witches' at the stake. I find this thought very distressing but that's where I'm at right now. Peace...

The Voter