The Reality Legion

The Reality Legion

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Universal Truth : Morality

What does morality mean to you? Is it following the rules? Doing what is expected of you from your peers, your parents, teachers, or clergy?

Can we all agree on the most basic and simple golden rule? No person should take as his own anything that belongs to another person? How about that murder and rape and slavery are all morally wrong as well? Why? Truly ask these questions of yourself.

If these simple universal truths are right and virtuous, under what circumstances do these acts become acceptable? What must we give up morally to justify the use of force, the ownership of people and theft, rape and murder? Let's think about that...Aside from self defense, there can be no other 'good' use of violence against another.

So,why do we allow a govenment to act on our behalf to force people to do what the law dictates by use of force and theft and debt slavery? Why do they get a pass if you will? Do ordinary people really think someone should be imprisioned, their freedom taken from them for selling marijuana that grows out of the ground or for protesting something they feel deeply is immoral because they are standing too close to a political event?  Should these same people be called terrorists and locked away without due proccess for years? I'm not talking about terrorists either, I mean American citizens - you and me...those who may disagree with the status quo. The empty promises and rhetoric that serves only to divide us and convince us that we need the governenment to 'protect' us from ourselves...and it will be our undoing. ~Stefan Molyneux

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