The Reality Legion

The Reality Legion

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

One of the first poems I wrote - about age 11

I remember being about the age of eleven and someone telling me that if we were to be hit by a nuclear bomb in the U.S., we would only have approximately seven minutes warning. Being an emotionally and physically abused child I had an enormous amount of empathy and sadness that led to fantastic and loaded emotional states. I wrote this poem in honor of those feelings…

In A Few Moments of Time

In a few moments of time

Lives can change through mere thoughts

An underlying horror of our reality

In a few moments of time

Our organized, civilized world

Could simply melt away or crumble

That world where money and power makes each different

Changes us to equals in death

In a few moments of time

All we may know is existence, surviving,

Being conscious and alive

In a few moments of time

We have destroyed our only world,

Our only people

Our only hope

Only six minutes left…

Who should I want to die with?

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