The Reality Legion

The Reality Legion

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A little about me...

Most of the material on my blog so far has been from others as I seek my own truth in this life. I started this blog because philosophy is what interests me most in the world, the human condition. Although I desperately want to reach people here, I have no illusions, I realize using words like atheist or anarchy might frighten people because they have been programmed to believe the traditional American narrative. I get that but it does not deter me from stating my own beliefs however radical they may seem to some because I have worked very, very hard to arrive at the place that I am at right now within my own mind. I have studied all the major religions (along with some unheard of by most)for the past 20 years now and I have studied and followed politics, government and sociology even longer, mostly on my own. My BA is in psychology which I also find fascinating to some degree but I feel confined by the subject presently and quite compelled to move on. I am on a break currently in my Masters program because because of health issues but I am considering going in a very different direction in my formal education mainly due to the fact that my desire is to teach and lecture on philosophy. I know I still have much to learn and I relish conversations and debates about anything and everything relating to us as a people.

I am not special in any way...I am a 44 year old wife and mom, a permanently interested student, a veteran and a survivor. I have changed, evolved, woke up, to a reality that has made it somewhat difficult for me to relate to others. Some of the things I have learned about the world have had a very profound effect on me. I don't wish to make everyone aware of these things, to see or hear or read everything I have partly because I have found it to be a tremendous burden at times. I have been permanently changed and I am left less than hopeful for a better future in spite of my true desire to see real change in the world. I try to envision a world with no violence or corruption but see that it pervades our society at every level. It's as though evil is a new marker in our collective DNA but I have found that most of our social problems lead straight back to government and/or morality.

For real and meaningful change to happen, we have to learn how to talk to each other using reason and not emotion. We are sorely lacking in this area because we have been given the illusion of choice and we pick a side - red or blue, Mommy (liberal figure) or Daddy (conservative figure). But, are we not adults? I haven't had parental supervision of any kind since I was 16 years old...why should I look to the government to solve problems for me?

So, when I say that I am an anarchist, I realize that there will probably be governments around for long after I am gone and when I say I am an atheist I am saying that I respect the right of the individual to believe whatever they want to as long as I am given the same respect in return...

My mission is to share things that I find interesting and made me think, I hope you enjoy it regardless.

Much love, Lisa P

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