The Reality Legion

The Reality Legion

Sunday, November 27, 2011

What is Anarchy?

Does the word anarchy really mean what most people label or perceive it to be? No, emphatically, no. In fact, it's astoundingly quite the opposite of popular thought. Anarchists are against violence, including violence as initiated by the state (government). It is not chaos or mob rule as many have been programmed to believe through propaganda but rather a stance of true freedom and liberty for everyone - EVERYONE. In other words, no sides, no blue team and red team, no use of force (which by definition is violence) by anyone against anyone else.
That's not how things work in the world as it currently sits but I am hopeful that free thinkers can have a real impact on future generations by illustrating exactly why and how morality should trump all actions by the state. Can you envision a world with no governments?

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