The Reality Legion

The Reality Legion

Saturday, December 3, 2011

The God Delusion w/ Richard Dawkins pt.2

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  1. A wonderful read. Gives me hope that there is someone else out there not willing to meekly accept all the BS with which we've been indoctrinated, and to question, and to research and to think for themself. Goes beyond building the case for the improbibility of god, and actually has the cajones to suggest (and prove) what I've been guessing all along: that the Delusion we suffer is actually quite dangerous. After years of agnostic fence-sitting in the name of being accepted by the 95% of America that does believe in god, I have at last 'seen the light' (the real light-the sun), and through Dawkins' inspiration, I now fully stand alone, and declare myself an Atheist. Dawkins' books will be essential reading in our house.