The Reality Legion

The Reality Legion

Saturday, December 3, 2011

The God Delusion w/ Richard Dawkins pt.5

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  1. This book will not convince those blinded by faith to open their eyes but it reinforces the convictions of those that still hold onto reason. Richard Dawkins does a great job of showing how faith requires the believer to suspend their reason. The fact that so many are willing to do this is troubling and downright scary. I particularly enjoyed his dismantling of the 'uncaused first cause' argument. I was raised as a Catholic and always asked 'Who created God?' I never did get a satisfactory answer, only 'God always existed.' Well, the fact that the universe always existed is more likely because it doesn't rely on some 'bearded sky daddy' that hears your thoughts and answers your prayers, just physics we don't yet understand. Too many of us have been brainwashed as children to believe in fairy tales.